Strengths of levels MITAX

Advantages of «MITAX» Construction Levels
Advantages of «MITAX» Construction Levels

Advantages of «MITAX» Construction Levels

In the recent years there appeared a lot of manufacturers of construction levels. This causes a natural question: «Why are “Mitax” levels better than the products of the competitors»?

The vials of “Mitax” re-calibrated

The vials of “Mitax” levels can be easily adjusted and re-calibrated, e.g. after an accidental fall.

High accuracy

All models of Mitax» levels can be used for professional purposes, because their precision is always 0,5 mm/m.

Anodized aluminium profiles

All models of «Mitax» levels are made of anodized aluminium profiles. Anodizing is the most advanced method to improve appearance and corrosion resistance of aluminium and its alloys, in comparison with power painting.

Reinforced profile

Excellent ergonomics and reliability: reinforced profile and ribbed surface provide extra rigidity. The shape of the profile ensures easy and comfortable handgrip

Unbreakable acrylic vials

All models of «Mitax» levels are equipped with unbreakable acrylic vials. The vials don’t contain spirit. That allows to use the levels at extremely low and high temperatures from –50 to + 41°С.

Attractive design

Attractive design: in addition to perfect exploitation features “Mitax” levels have attractive decorative appearance and nice design.

Produced in Finland!

All models of «Mitax» levels, their parts and components are produced in Finland according to the highest production standards. All products pass through strict quality control which checks both: calibration and quality of the product. Each level has an individual sticker with a date of check.

Work in extreme conditions!

Unbreakable bulbs, reinforced profile, anodizing, all this makes it possible to use the "MITAX" levels in the heaviest conditions. The flasks do not contain alcohol - this allows the use of levels at extreme temperatures from -50 to + 41 ° C